Field Assistant App

For your Field Employees

  • Everything crews and managers need in the field
  • Works in offline mode for when there isn't a reliable cellular connection
  • Information they need -- jobsite info, route details, assigned tasks...
  • Prefilled forms require minimal input -- work orders, pesticide uses, ...
  • Supports Spanish
  • Available for Android and iPhone

Capture the same data you currently use

  • App Forms improve efficiency
    • Replace paper timesheet forms
    • Replace paper pesticide use and inventory use forms
    • Document task updates in the field
    • Replace clipboards and spreadsheets to create estimates
    • Replace paper to create materials used lists
    • Replace phones calls and text messages reporting problems at jobsites
    • Managers instantly send Site Inspection Reports to crews
  • Stay current with real-time field updates
    • Route changes and tasks sent immediately to crews
    • Updated tasks status immediately available
    • Onsite entered Pesticide Use Reports go directly into Field Manager database
    • Receive timely email notifications for Jobsite problems reported by crews

Organize the same data you currently use

  • Crews always have the information they need at their fingertips
    • Site info and directions available with a tap on the screen
      • Contractual obligations, site maps, pictures …
    • Detailed task info for work orders and issues with pictures
    • Pesticide SDS’s and Labels synced from the cloud
  • Crews can obtain PO numbers tied to them and the extra it is for without having to call the office
  • Crews receive task reminders when arriving and leaving jobsites

Crews manage their day through the daily route list
Direct your crews with daily route list
  • Jobsites scheduled for the day
  • Highlight tasks scheduled for the day
  • Tap on Buttons for:
    • Jobsite tasks
    • Pesticide Use form
    • Supply Use form
    • Jobsite map
    • Jobsite info
    • Driving directions
Crews receive task reminders
Notifications for Jobsite tasks
  • Notification when arriving at jobsite
    • with an open task
  • Notification when leaving jobsite
    • with a past due task
    • with a task that hasn't been started

Real-time task updates
Crews manage tasks on their phone
  • Know what they need to do
  • Enter update
    • Update Status to "Complete" when finished
    • Add pictures of finished work
    • Add description of finished work
Real-time task updates
Pictures with descriptions
  • See what they need to do
  • Include pictures of completed work

Report jobsite problems
Field problem reporting
  • Defaults simplify data entry
    • Date and jobsite auto-filled
    • Select problem type and title
  • Enter problem description
  • Add pictures of problem

Irrigation timer settings
Irrigation settings
  • Capture changes in the field
  • Access timer settings
    • Compare current settings to previous settings
Water Meter Readings
Water Meter Readings
  • Capture irrigation water meter readings in the field
  • Review irrigaiton water usage

Create Estimates
  • Create Estimates in the field
Materials Used
Materials Used
  • Capture materials used for repairs and enhancements

Caputure Pesticide Use
Field captured Pesticide Uses
  • Defaults simplify data entry
    • Date, jobsite, and sprayer auto-filled
    • Pesticide filled with company default pesticide
    • Most uses only require entering quantity and tapping on "Save"
Crews enter Timesheets
Crews enter Timesheets
  • Timesheets created with a few taps
    • Create timesheets for all employees assigned to crew
    • Enter lunch and clock out the entire crew with a single button tap
  • Crews can claim "floater" employees that are assigned to them for the day

Eliminate crew Pesticide SDS binders
Pesticide SDS's on phone
  • Data sheets always available, even when disconnected
  • Elminate SDS binders
Medical Clinics
Medical Clinics
  • Approved medical clinics available when needed
  • Sort by distance from current location
  • Tap the phone icon to call the clinic

Approved Vendors
Approved Vendors
  • Approved vendors list sort by distance from current location
  • Tap the phone icon to call the vendor
  • Tap the PO button to get a new PO Number
Purchase Order Numbers
Purchase Order Numbers
  • Crew obtain PO numbers with having to call the office
  • PO numbers tied to requesting crew and tasks the materials are for

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