Capture, organize, and analyze the Landscape Operations data
that enables better decisions and higher profits
with Field Service Cloud by Janmar Systems

Optimize Your
Landscape or Pesticide Operations
with Field Service Cloud
by Janmar Systems

Eliminate guesswork and manage your business with data-driven decisions

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Manage Your Landscape Business with Data

Know where your crews spend their time
Know where your crews spend their time
  • Are they at jobsites?
  • Are they stuck in traffic too much?
  • Are they at unknown locations?
Know man-hours spent at jobsites
Know man-hours spent at jobsites
  • Is the maintenance crew on budget?
  • Do account managers ever visit?
  • Does the jobsite generate a lot of extras?

Benefit From Your Data

Increase Productivity

  • Crews have real-time instructions on their phone
    • Daily Route List with driving directions
    • Tasks for each jobsite highlighted
    • Jobsite info instantly available
  • Web and Mobile App Forms replace Paper
    • Eliminate overhead for creating and processing paper
    • Route and work orders sent directly to crews
    • Crews update work orders with pictures
    • Field Entered Pesticide Use Reports
    • Track fertilizer and other inventory usage

Manage Costs

  • Accurate job-costing with actual man-hours spent at each jobsite
    • GPS tracking eliminates need for crews to clock-in at each jobsite during the day
  • Track inventory use by Jobsite
    • Crews enter amount used on their phone
    • Uses automatically linked to jobsites
  • Use PO numbers to track purchases
    • Crews obtain PO Numbers tied to them and the task it is for
  • Eliminate return visits
    • Up to date instructions and real-time feedback to get the job done right the first time

Improve Service

  • Data drives accountability
    • Crews have clear expectations, real-time two-way feedback, and reports highlighting performance deliver results
  • Real-time updates on service visits and work orders
    • Know where your crews are and what they are doing
  • Pictures attached to jobsites and tasks
    • Crews see what they need to do
    • Customers see the work was completed

Field Service Cloud

Specifically designed for the Landscape Industry

Field Manager Web Application

  • Designed for your managers and office staff
    • Affordable and works great for 2 or hundreds of crews
    • Simple setup, no need for custom integration
    • Cloud hosted... No servers or software to purchase
    • Pay by the month with no long-term contracts
Dashboard shows location of crews and performance metrics for the day

Field Assistant App

  • Designed for your crews
    • Works in offline mode for when there isn't a reliable cellular connection
    • Information they need -- jobsite info, route details, assigned tasks...
    • Prefilled forms require minimal input -- work orders, pesticide uses, ...
    • Supports Spanish
Crews manage their day through the daily route list

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